At home, each problem has its solution

 Our goal is that your technological day-to-day is easy and you have everything under control. We offer you help in any of the topics listed below and much more ... First we will listen to you, then we will solve your problems and at the end, we will send you a written summary so that you can consult it.

Mobile Phone

Contacts always available and safe so you don't ever loose them. Changing for a new mobile phone is easy. Agenda, remember all your dates in time. Video calls with your people. QR codes. Bizum payments. Applications..


Making transactions online is easy (bank, purchases, tickets ...) Switching on is finally fast. Open all kinds of programs. All your files well organized and easy to find. Send large documents by email. Always remember your passwords.


Your data always available from any device and protected. Use the drives. You are going to enjoy it, it is very easy!

Printer / scanner

Print without cable from the computer and from the mobile at any time. Scan wirelessly.


The remote and the channels obey you. Use the internet on television. View any platform (Movistar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix ...). See movie premieres (Virtual Cinema Room ...)


It is available in every corner of the house. It just works.


Your photos organized and always available. You can see them on your computer, on your mobile, on TV or on your tablet. Make digital albums, gifts with photos ...