Your business, secure and controlled

Our goal is that the technological day-to-day of your business is easy and you have everything under control. We accompany you throughout the digitalization of your business. Together we choose the solution that best suits your profile, be it Microsoft, Google or Apple. Then we give you training and we take care of maintaining that technology so that you only have to enjoy its advantages.


Email protection from malicious software and known threats. Control who accesses your business information and when with security groups and custom permissions. Create password policies that require your team to reset their passwords after a specified number of days. 

Accessibility / Availability

Your business accessible from anywhere, any Windows, Apple, Android device and at any time. Safe storage and file sharing. The changes will be updated on all synced devices. Memory expansion available on demand and instantaneously according to your needs.


Securely share documents and send emails so that only those with the proper permissions can access the information. Share files with external contacts by providing them with guest links or access. Schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease using shared calendars.

View / Manage

Manage the calendar, share your availability, schedule meetings and receive notifications. Set up new emails from your team, restore recently deleted accounts, from anywhere.


Collect customer and employee feedback with Forms. Plan daily schedules and tasks. Configure your PCs to automatically install updates.

Save money

Host online meetings and video calls, chat with your team from your desktop or mobile anywhere, thus saving unnecessary travel.